Custom made wood shutters - Work truck canopy - Instant garden canopy 10x10

Custom Made Wood Shutters

custom made wood shutters

    custom made
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kitchen window installed 7-13-2010

kitchen window installed 7-13-2010

I finished installing the small "kitchen" window on the north wall of my remote one room cabin (with loft)--nice to finally get the last window in! I made custom jambs and window stops for the 1" thick double pane glass I bought several years ago. The bottom of the glass sits on two 1" wide neoprene cushions, and a 1/8" thick butyl rubber gasket between the outside stops and the glass allows the wood and glass to expand without cracking the glass. This may be the last "handmade" window for me! The cabin has three handmade glass windows and 5 handmade screen windows with shutters.

Studebaker Tippecanoe Place 31

Studebaker Tippecanoe Place 31

Curved glass window on second floor. Notice the custom wood shutters.

Built in 1889 as the home of Clement Studebaker, one of the founders of the Studebaker Brothers Wagon works, which later made Studebaker automobiles. Now the home of Tippecanoe Place Restaurant.

From the restaurant's website:

Tippecanoe Place, with four main levels totaling 40 rooms and 20 fireplaces, is the embodiment of everything great wealth in the late 1800's could suggest. The 26,000 square-foot mansion was designed by Henry Cobb and built by local craftsmen. Work on Tippecanoe Place was completed in 1889 at a total cost of $250,000.

custom made wood shutters

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